Monday, April 5, 2010

Making New Friends

Making new friends is hard for me. I guess part of being a writer is being more comfortable in my own mind than out in the real world. Introvert versus extrovert kind of thing. I'm better at observing than participating.

Puppies don't have these problems.

They jump in with all four paws, into any and every situation.

We've had Midget now for a week, and she's been through all kinds of new things - all with a tongue-lolling grin on her face. From fourth-grade pet day to walks on the beach, she's carried it all off with grace and aplomb. New people, new situations, no problem.

I've recently acquired a new slew of Facebook and Twitter friends through an online social media class that just wrapped up over the weekend. Most are writers like me, spending some of our precious writing time trying to learn to connect with other writers and readers. I also hooked up with a new critique partner (CP) through a writer chat loop on Yahoo.

Each connection feels like an effort, even the ones that are a mere click of the mouse. Perhaps its the vestiges of winter still clinging to my psyche. I don't feel ready to come out of hibernation and greet the world.

It's so much easier for Puppy. In the last week, she's met and had fun with our two dogs as well as a Pug, a Bernese, a Vizsla, and a cat or two. It hasn't mattered that these other animals were so different - and all bigger than her, even the cats. She wags her tail and goes nose-to-nose.

She's met an entire fourth grade class as well as the ladies in the school office and everyone at the vet's office. She romped with a girls' soccer team and half of the U-14 boys soccer club. Today she may meet the middle school track team as well. She's greeted friends and neighbors, many of whom stopped by the house just to meet her.

Everyone loved her, and she loved everyone she met.

She also made it through Easter weekend without any egg mishaps - chocolate or otherwise! With three dozen hard-boiled eggs and over 150 plastic ones scattered about the house yesterday morning, I anticipated disaster. She ignored the chocolate altogether. I wish I had her resolve. And her friend-making skills.

What about you? Are you like the puppy, putting your self out there and making new friends every day? Or like me, holding back just a little too much? What's your best strategy for meeting new people?


  1. Best strategy for meeting new people might just be getting a St. Bernard Puppy. Everyone stops to talk.
    You're my idol.
    I always wanted a St. Bernard. I can see the new book title: "Midget goes to Washington"
    (or she could take the place of Flat Stanley)
    What fun.
    I'm coming to visit.

  2. I'm either right out there smiling and connecting or deep within, cocooned. Nice balance for the most part. The trick for me is shifting on other people's schedules, not mine... Nice to ponder this. Take care,


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