Thursday, November 18, 2010

Countdown to the Holidays: Craft Time!

I'm taking a break from dusting my dining room chandelier (no, really) and want to talk about crafts for the holidays. I'm a Girl Scout leader. We do crafts. These mermaids pictured were made by my scouts to sell at the annual Holiday Stroll.

Every year we have a table inside the big church on Main Street where we sell little holiday ornaments and whatnot to the visitors. They come to town for the tree lighting and stay for the music and good cheer.

It's a Cape tradition in many of these small towns, kind of like a Friday night block party or evening sidewalk sale where all the local merchants and businesses sponsor music, food, sales, crafts, raffles, etc. all up and down Main Street. Lots of fun, and a nice opportunity for local groups like the Girl Scouts to earn a little extra money (we're hoping to go snowshoeing up north with the proceeds!)

Last week was the Veteran's Day holiday. I should have planned ahead for a blog post that day, but didn't. I was busy with my troop at the annual ceremony held at the local Veteran's Memorial. All the scouts and veterans and soldiers who live here in town participate.

Since it was a Thursday off from school, I invited all of the girls back to our house for pizza and crafts following the ceremony. We spent the rest of the day making fleece dog toys, kitchen spoon carolers, cinnamon cookie ornaments, and clothespin mermaids. I knew the mermaids would be a little hard to make, but the girls rose to the occasion and did an outstanding job of it.

Each girl took one home to hang on her own tree or give as a gift. The rest will be sold at the Stroll. I may have to make a few more with my daughter for holiday gifts for our own family!

What kind of crafts do you make for the holidays? Or is the glue gun your sworn enemy? Share some new ideas - the girl scouts are always up for a new challenge!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love holiday crafts! It's always so much fun!!! I make little snowmen, and ginerbread men, little christmas trees to hang up at work, so festive and fun!


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