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Monday Book Review: White-Hot Christmas, by Serenity Woods #HolidayBooks

White-Hot Christmas, Christmas Wishes: Book 2, by Serenity Woods
Published April 2017 by Serenity Woods

About the Book (Full Amazon description):
By the bestselling author of the Three Wise Men Box Set (USA Today bestsellers list November 2016) – a series of individual sexy contemporary Christmas romances. Read in any order and enjoy!

White-Hot Christmas received the first ever starred review of a digital-first book on Library Journal's XPress Reviews.

Book 2: White-Hot Christmas

Previous published by Samhain Publishing.

He can extinguish every fire, except the one in his heart…

Merle Cameron comes to New Zealand looking for anything but love. A demanding job and a mother recovering from breast cancer make Merle desperate for some light relief from her everyday life.

Enter firefighter and all-round gorgeous hunk Neon Carter. Neon’s in no rush to settle down, but he’s more than happy to fulfill Merle’s desire for a hot holiday fling.

The weather’s hot, the sex even hotter. It’s not long before lust turns to love, but Merle’s booked a ticket home, and there’s no solution that won’t break someone’s heart.

Warning: Please do not read if you are allergic to any of the following: love at first sight, one-night stands in a one-man tent, rugby hakas, firemen rescuing children, and rough caveman sex guaranteed to put hairs on your chest. May contain nuts.

Book 1: Santa's Secret
Book 2: White-Hot Christmas
Book 3: His Christmas Present
Book 4: If Kisses Were Snowflakes
My Take:

Holiday escapism at its finest. Exotic locations, well written, light-hearted, lots of fun, and oh-so-sexy! Need a break from the holiday madness? Keep this book in mind and escape to New Zealand for a few totally enjoyable hours of anything-but-sweet romance.

When history professor Merle Cameron leaves London behind to spend Christmas with her sister in New Zealand, she knows she needs to get away and relax, but having a holiday fling doesn't cross her mind - until she spies Napoleon "Neon" Carter at the beach surfing with her sister's husband. Lust at first sight. And the lust goes both ways, since when Neon spots the blonde, long-legged beauty standing on the beach, the sun making her dress nearly see-through, he dumps off his surfboard like Cupid hit him with a two by four.

With light-hearted teasing and side-bets from both the sister and her husband, reserved Merle actually propositions Neon for a one-night stand, both of them fully aware that the fling has a definite expiration date, since Merle's job and sick mother are back in England, and Neon's a local firefighter, on the fast track to becoming the youngest fire chief in New Zealand. Neither is prepared when their emotions start getting involved and entangled.

Like I said at the start, Holiday Escapism at its Finest. The author actually lives in New Zealand, which bleeds through in the detailed and loving descriptions. By the end of the book you may feel like you took a holiday trip there yourself, or maybe like me you'll move it up a few spots on your bucket list. Either way, totally enjoyable romp of a read and highly recommend if you like your romance with sizzle and steam.

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