Tuesday, September 1, 2009

*Coming Soon* is pretty exciting!

Okay, not to sound like some kind of lunatic, but a few weeks ago I began checking the publisher's "Coming Soon" preview page. Looking for my cover. Not obsessively. Not even every day...well, at least, not at first.

Since getting back from vacation, I've checked every day. More than once. Especially after I saw another cover that won't be released until after my scheduled date. I mean, really!

And tonight as I was playing in cyberspace, I finally saw it there. On the publisher's website, on the now familiar "Coming Soon" page. And I have to admit, it was just as exciting as I'd hoped. A little thrill ran through me as I realized - oh my go, there's my cover! and my name! YEA!

Okay, so the book release itself is still a month away. But I'm celebrating every little milestone as it crosses my desk.

So I'll just get to celebrate all over again on October first, too. I guess I should save the champagne.

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  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday that your book is being released in only 1 month!!!! How exciting!!!! Still looking forward to my autographed copy! :)


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