Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down

I spent the day today - the entire working day - editing other people's writing and answering emails about submissions. I know that I'm an editor now and all, but some days it's just too much. I need to find more time for my own writing.

What I'm finding in my work as an editor is.... I love editing. Really, I do. But what I've also found is that some people have great ideas and a lot of trouble getting them across in a cohesive manner. Maybe it's just the typing thing that confuses some writers, and they really did write a complete sentence then deleted part of it by accident when they sneezed and their elbow hit the keyboard. Or maybe no one ever taught them that the little curvy thing is a comma, and should be employed now and then to break up a sentence.

Some people's stories are simple to edit, just needing a few minor adjustments. I'm not sure if I enjoy those more, or if I really enjoy the ones that pose more of a challenge.

I've found 2 things to be true:
1. Everyone needs editing, and
2. It's really hard to edit your own work.

When I sent my manuscript for Unfolding the Shadows out to agents and publishers, I thought I'd done a good job editing it. When it was finally contracted by Cerridwen Press, I thought it was all set to go to press. I'd been over it so many times over those last few months... and yet when I was assigned to an editor she had lots of changes for me to make and 10,000 words to cut away to make the story flow better. And it worked.

What does that have to do with Rice Krispie treat turkeys, you might ask? I'm trying not to let the turkeys get me down, LOL. I'm trying to remember that even though the articles may seem like troubled turkeys, the readers are going to think they're sweet treats!

Well, and I had to dig out this photo to go with some fun holiday recipes we've gathered for the magazine, and just had to share it. (I'm gonna share the recipe in the Holiday issue of Cape Women Online...but mostly it's just the regular Krispie Treat recipe with a few added bonus decorations!) Alas, my kids all think they're too old for this now.

Maybe I'll have to make a batch all by myself !

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  1. From one turkey to another - carve a little time out of your day for nothing but your own writing! It took me 5 years to figure this one out, but when I close my study door and light my 'writing' candle I leave the elephant To Do list outside. It's blissful to finally be able to breathe, write and relax simply because it's on my 'schedule' :-)

    Good luck!


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