Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

Next week, on Monday October 19th, I'll be appearing on the WRITERS-AT-PLAY blogspot.

One of the other authors in my editorial group at Cerridwen Press is a member of the "sandbox" and asked if anyone wanted to have a "playdate." I raised my hand and jumped up and down, yelling, "Oooh, Pick Me!" She did.

I just finished answering the "Sandbox questions" and emailed them off. (check that off my to-do list! We also put the tomatoes to bed and covered the pool this weekend - lots of check marks on my list now!)

I've noticed that many authors have contests or offer prizes to a lucky commenter when they appear on someone else's blog. As I don't have any paperbacks to send out, I found this little scarecrow guy at the craft fair. He'll keep the ghosts away when you're reading those Halloween stories (or curling up with your computer to read my ebook, Unfolding the Shadows.) Mr. Scarecrow will be the prize for leaving a comment next Monday, a cute addition to your Halloween holiday decorations!

So remember to tune back in next week! I'll have a link here on my blog to navigate you there.

Enjoy this last day of the long weekend - and stop by tomorrow for a new ghost story from my guest and Chicago-land friend, Nancy Howland Walker. She's a comedian with ChicagoImprovAssociates, but she grew up on Nantucket and has a few scary tales to tell.

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