Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Cupcakes

My daughter and I spent the morning creating cupcakes for my son's family birthday party tomorrow. She wanted to make something special, so we pulled out her HELLO, CUPCAKE! book and let her brother choose... he chose dogs.

Two hours later...

We have a dozen dogs to take with us to share with the cousins tomorrow morning! Beagles, Dalmatians, chocolate labs, a terrier and a mutt! Not as hard as it looks - just requiring time and patience...

First, make sure to bake the cupcakes ahead of time so they are well cooled. We baked these last night.
Make sure your helper washes her hands. A lot. Things get mighty sticky. And plan to have extra bits of everything... it's far too easy to break the Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies or over-microwave the tootsie rolls. Trust me.

And make sure you keep your sense of humor handy. Frustration escalates far too quickly, if not diffused with quick praise or a redirected task. Be prepared to be finishing them off alone, while your helper goes off to soak in a bubble bath. If I was going to do this again, (who am I kidding with the "if"? I mean when!) I will definitely work on them later in the day - when wine is an appropriate accompaniment instead of coffee.

"Bone" appetit!


  1. Wine certainly would help! Remember when we went to the pottery place in Concord, you with Teagan and her handprint, all of us with a lovely glass of most inspired piece of pottery!

  2. I still have that pottery, lol! What fun. Not nearly as messy as doggy cupcakes ;-)

  3. OMG, those are adorable! I just love them--we may have to do that for the next birthday we come across. What did you use for the tongues?

  4. The "long" looking tongues are Laffy Taffy - microwave and roll it with rolling pin, scissors to trim to correct shape.

    The pink "mouths" are actually those old fashioned flying saucer wafers - paper thin and filled with sugar dot candies. The Chatham Candy Manor sells them, but any "real" candy shop should have them.

    I totally recommend HELLO, CUPCAKE! by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. (Available on Amazon or any good bookstore)TONS of great ideas (the penguins are soooo cute)

    My daughter's "Cake Art" teacher uses the same book with the girls (it's all girls who sign up for "Cake Art") I had previously posted the Valentine cupcakes they made in class... cute stuff.

  5. OMG I love them! They are so cute!

  6. Super cute! Nice job Katie - but where's the Sheltie???

  7. Sorry, Nic! The one "long-haired" terrier was quite enough! The plastic bags kept breaking when we were piping the chocolate - what a pain! Guess we should have used the more expensive brand after all, lol.


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