Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghost Tale for Tuesday

I spent the weekend at Girl Scout Camp, camping with my daughter and her Junior Troop.

One of the classic Girl Scout Camp activities is telling ghost stories around the campfire. The girls went around the campfire circle telling stories they made up, or reading them by flashlight from a book one of them had brought. The scariest tale told this weekend was the Legend of Bloody Mary.

This tale is so scary that one of my 4th graders started crying as soon as she heard the name of the story to be told. I had to take her and a few other girls up the hill to the kitchen area to get away from the campfire. Several other girls tagged along under the premise of cheering up the first girl, but they were also eager to get away from the scary tales.

As as it turns out, I never heard the story of Bloody Mary.

I asked my daughter, and she told me that if you look in a mirror on Halloween or Friday the 13th and say her name 13 times, she'll appear in the mirror next to you. She has red eyes and a long pointy nose and straggly black hair... My oldest son chimed in that there's a Legend of Bloody Mary in his school, too. If you go in the boys' room alone, and spin around ten times and call her name she appears in the bathroom mirror.

"So does she jump out of the mirror?" I asked them. No, they replied.
"Do you die if you see her?" I asked again. No, they both replied, sounding annoyed.

There must be more to this story. Does anyone know this legend? Are you tempted to sneak into the boys' room and spin ten times?

What's your favorite ghost tale from summer camp?

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  1. Hi Katie,

    The bloody mary story went around Michael's class in first grade and caused a great stir and the girls would get in trouble if the told it.

    The orginal GS version not the boys bathroom'



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