Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Tries Again

The beach roses are blooming, which means summer is just around the corner.

Puppy is growing like a weed. Emboldened by her successful fishing excursion on the short jetty, she thought she was big enough now to climb up on the riverside jetty.

The Big Dog (being half Swiss mountain dog) jumps up onto the jetty in one leap.
The rocks on this jetty are bigger. There is an easy-access rock at the base now, thanks to the shifting sands, but still no easy way up to the top.

The Puppy's legs still aren't quite long enough to make it all the way up.

She was again stuck mid-way up the jetty, standing there on the rocks. I helped her down, and she lay in the seaweed having a little sulk. After a few bleak moments, she realized that the Old Dog was still down on the sand with her.

Old Dog is 15, and has long since given up any aspirations of fishing on the jetty. She still likes her beach walks, but she feels no compunction to do anything she doesn't want to do. And who could blame her? She's 15 and still smiling, for goodness sakes.

So Puppy stopped her sulking and played with her, together searching for the spider crab shells that they both enjoy chewing on.

One day soon, she'll be able to make it to the top of the jetty. And then she'll have a choice of what she wants to do.

Everyone likes to have options.

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  1. So, Saturday night there was enough seaweed thrown up on the edge of the jetty that Puppy was able to pull herself all the way up to the top!

    I didn't have my camera, and started to panic because the jetty is rather broken down, lots of large gaps for a small puppy to fall through.

    I managed to catch up with her when she got stuck in one and help her, but she stubbornly refused to leave the jetty until the Fisherman left too. Her legs were shaking, either from fear or effort, and she slept soundly upon returning home.

    But she finally did it.


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