Friday, August 27, 2010

I Love my New E-reader...But...

Earlier this month, my parents gave me a nook for my birthday, the Barnes & Noble e-reader with the color touch screen at the bottom.

So far so good. I love the ease of use. I love that I can sit at B&N and preview books for free. I read a whole short story for free one day while sitting there waiting for one child's guitar lesson to be finished. It was a new Sookie Stackhouse story from Charlaine Harris, part of an anthology I'm thinking I might need to buy... I bought and read the third book of the Millenium trilogy without having to pay hardcover prices or wait for my turn on the library waiting list.

Best of all, I was able to purchase MOCKINGJAY with just a few clicks, no lines no waiting.

But. There are drawbacks.

Halfway through said MOCKINGJAY with Katniss in the midst of battle, while I'm sitting in a parking lot at a soccer field miles and miles from home waiting for son's practice to be over (lots of waiting time in a mom's life).... the nook decided to surprise me.

It summarily informed me that the battery was too low to continue reading.

"Plug me in," the device whined.

And turned itself - and MOCKINGJAY - off.


Paper books never whine about low batteries.

(You can be damn sure I'm fully charging the darn whiny nook before tonight's soccer practice.)


  1. Books also don't need to be turned off when your taking off or landing on an airplane.
    Well, I haven't don't an e-reader yet, but truth be told, I won't say no if someone decides to hand me one as a birthday present!

  2. Dang it all! I hope you pump it up with juice and can finish your book!


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