Thursday, August 26, 2010

No one told Puppy that St. Bernards are supposed to lumber instead of run like the wind across the sandy stretches of shoreline.

No one told Puppy that St. Bernards aren't supposed to like swimming in the ocean, or that they don't enjoy romping in the salty waves with other dogs.

No one told Puppy that Big Dogs like Her are supposed to act more dignified.

Puppy does what she feels like doing. And likes it.

Why would I want a dignified, lumbering Big Dog who turns her nose up at the thought of salt water, when I can have this exuberant Cape Cod Puppy who loves life? Granted, she's not your standard Cape Black Lab or Golden Retriever.

No one told Me that I needed to be standard.

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  1. Very cute pictures. I love the second one where her ears are flying up.


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