Friday, October 15, 2010

Puppy Plays in the Nor'easter

I'm not sure if this Nor'easter is coming to Cape Cod or not, but the clouds this morning were pretty ominous. Our beach is on the South side of the Cape, on Nantucket Sound, thus more sheltered than a lot of ocean beaches. But last night and this morning, the waves were pounding so loudly against the shore that I could hear them from my house. With the windows closed.

Puppy didn't seem to care. She ran along the beach, in and amongst the crashing waves like they were no big thing. She played and romped with Big Dog just as if it were a bright sunny day.

At one point, she even lay down in the waves. Big waves, crashing down and soaking her thoroughly. She never flinched, like most dogs would have in the same situation. She just smiled. Even the Big Dog would have gotten rolled by some of those waves... although, actually Puppy is a little bit bigger than Big Dog now. She has almost 20 pounds on her at this point. But Shhh, don't tell her.

We get the question all the time - is she a full Saint Bernard? We explain yes, but she's just a Puppy. People tell us they didn't know Saint Bernards liked the water. They always seem amazed that she enjoys the ocean as much as she does.

Who ever said Saint Bernards aren't supposed to be beach dogs?

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  1. I guess everyone pictures a Saint Bernard with a cask of rum around the neck, searching for Heidi or assisting the ski patrol. Have you read the books about Carl the Rottweiler? Not the reputation of a Rottie this puppy profiling????


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