Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Excerpt from my Upcoming New Release...

As promised, I'm posting a short excerpt. It's from Chapter 5, where Jane is trying to decide whether to go through with her friend's dare... and kiss a perfect stranger.

(This scene is PG, don't worry, although there are racier parts to the novel...)

Here we go...

I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought. Jane didn’t like feeling she was the type of girl to do something crazy just because someone had dared her. It wasn’t who she was. But it had bugged her when Sarah laughed at hearing Brent’s proposition. It wasn’t that far fetched to think Jane would get propositioned by an almost stranger, was it?

She’d come to Gilley’s specifically to find that blue-eyed man she’d seen at lunch. Brent had said the guy’s sister owned the place, so she figured he’d be a regular. Besides, it was the only bar on Main Street and the only bar within walking distance of the B&B.

Of course the first person she recognized when she walked in was Brent Nickerson, seated on the far side of the bar with his arm around a blonde woman. Why did men always choose blondes? It didn’t seem fair to Jane. She’d tried to dye her hair once back in college. The results hadn’t been pretty.

She stared at Brent from a distance, wondering if that was his girlfriend, or just another friend-with-benefits. “It didn’t take him very long to find a replacement for tonight,” she grumbled. “Just like Dave.”

Jane gave herself a mental kick for even thinking of Dave. She was supposed to be looking for a replacement herself, someone to help her forget the pain of losing her fiancĂ© before he’d even popped the question. He did pop the question, Jane reminded herself. Just not to me.

She moved forward through the crowd, toward the bar. She needed something to help numb the ache in her heart, and strengthen her resolve to at least flirt with the blue-eyed man. One of the guys in front of her up next to the bar suddenly spit his beer all over himself and his friend, and as the friend wiped the sleeve of his leather jacket, Jane recognized him. The blue-eyed stranger. The guy she’d been looking for to flirt with.

And now here he was. She’d found him, and was now standing right in front of him, unsure what to do next. Did she really want to go through with Sarah’s dare and take this handsome stranger home to her bed? Should she just turn and head home now, before she had to decide? A thrill of panic ran through her body, as she imagined what it would be like to kiss him. Fear battled with excitement in her head and she was just about to give in to the fear when his eyes locked with hers.

Hope that catches your interest! Maybe another excerpt next week...! (and definitely some Puppy Tales... )

Have a great weekend!

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