Monday, July 27, 2009

Gathering Clouds

Cape Cod Weather today: Foggy and humid and 70 degrees. The humidity has been brutal for the last few days an everything I own or touch seems slightly damp. I think it may be a local thing, because we drove to the north side of the Cape yesterday, and had breeze and sun. Hmmm....

The rains are back, for good or bad. Good means I still don't have to turn on the sprinkler for the lawn. Good means we aren't suffering severe-severe drought like Texas is this summer. Good means I won't feel guilty going to the mall today with my mom to go shopping.

Bad means the weather is depressing. People are depressed and on short fuses. My kids are snipping at each other on a near constant basis. We had sunshine at the lake yesterday and they still nearly came to blows fighting over a boogie board. Arrrrgh....

And I don't seem to be able to write. I know it's summer, and it's hard to concentrate for longer than a blog blurb or a magazine article with the kids around. And we've had a steady stream of visitors over the last three weeks. (when my parents leave on Friday, I get to quick-clean the guest room for our next guests who "check-in" on Saturday.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about guests - there's not one family whom I would choose to cancel or rescind an invitation...I just feel like a loser calling myself a writer when I'm not writing.

I did submit a few pieces to Cape Women Online for the fall issue, due out September 1st. One chronicles my road to publication. The other is an interview with the Artistic Director of the Harwich Junior Theatre, now in their 58th season, and Nina is in her 13th as AD. I've also edited several great articles by fellow writers and been emailing to remind other authors about the submissions they're supposed to be working on...

I need to find a few moments (minutes? hours?) to sit down and finish rewriting my two manuscripts that are in the almost-there stages. I'll be realistic and say I need to wait until fall to work on the new ideas rattling around in my head. Just let 'em rattle for now.

In the meantime, I'll try to blog more often. And rework my website, which desperately needs an update! Argh! But my web guy is also home with kids this summer, and since he works on my stuff in his "free time" I don't think he has much of that to spare.

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