Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Little Light Magic

I just finished reading A Little Light Magic by Joy Nash, from Dorchester Publishing's Leisure Book line. I'd totally recommend it to any of my friends looking for a good beach book this summer.

The book is set on the Jersey Shore, in the Margate/Atlantic City area. Not my neck of the shoreline - we used to summer in Normandy Beach, on Barnagate Bay - but the characters are all very familiar and very believable. There's one short scene on the boardwalk where I could smell the fried dough and see the neon lights of Seaside Heights playing on the movie screen in my mind.

I have to admit that I also liked this as a beach book because there were end-of-chapter scenes where it was okay to put the book back into my beach bag and call the kids out of the water to leave. Some books are impossible to put down. Those don't make good beach books because they don't last more than a day. This one lasted me 3 afternoons of swimming lessons - which was fabulous!

Joy's website is here and her blog is here.

She lists where she'll be signing her books, including in Margate itself tomorrow, where the book takes place, and also has links to her other books... which I think I'll have to check out!

A Little Light Magic just came out in June '09, so it may not be in your library yet to borrow, but it's at Borders for less than your next payment to the ice cream truck, so go out and find it!

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