Thursday, March 18, 2010

Connecting with Social Media

I really want to be out walking the dogs along the beach right now. The sun is shining, the temps are pushing 60 degrees... but I'm waiting at home for a pool repairman to come give me an estimate of how much cash we need to pour into the hole in the backyard...

So in the meantime, I'm online participating in this week's RWA-PRO bootcamp on social media. They're teaching us to Tweet this week. No, not like birds, Tweet as in Twitter, the 140-character or less social phenomenon. I've now got a Twitter account at "okatieo" and have sought out a few friends to follow. All set up and good to go. But where am I going?

Twitter is different that Facebook or Blogger. I'm not sure what I think yet.

The question becomes one of time.

I already have 3 separate email accounts to check daily, and several chat loops that I read on digest (although I admit I'm not a good participator, more of a lurker) I also try to keep up with my Facebook friends, blog here and over at the Old Mill Point News site, as well as follow the dozens of other bloggers in my industry who I think are interesting ... oh yeah, and write. All this cyberwork in addition to my real-world responsibilities, you know, like take care of the house, dogs, kids, husband, (i.e. cook, clean, make beds, walk dogs, taxi-drive, etc. etc. etc that mommies have to do every day)

Where do people find time to do it all?

Something always has to give. This week it was the vacuuming (my rug mysteriously changed color by growing its own new coat of fur...) Last week it was the laundry (who else has heard the 5 a.m. "I have no pants" whine?)

I'm not sure Tweeting fits into my schedule. But it's fun learning new skills.

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  1. I'm enjoying the social networking class too. I'm on Twitter and Facebook. @jill_james


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