Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Ghost Tale for Tuesday

While I don't have an original ghost story to share today, I've been looking around the internet and finding scads of Cape Cod Ghost Stories. There's a Paranormal Investigation scoiety here on the Cape as well, giving public ghost tours of Barnstable Village from June through October. Who wants to join me?

In the meantime, here's a spooky tale for a rainy Tuesday....

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"Sagamore Cemetary Haunting" from capelinks.com

"In a small quiet Sagamore cemetery dwells an unknown force also known as ghosts. It has been rumored to be haunted for as long as anyone can remember. The strong scent of cigar smoke can be smelled throughout. Even the care taker Mr. Jerry Ellis doesn’t have an explanation.

The ghost is of an eleven year old girl in a wedding gown and has muddy leather boots. She haunts the cemetery for some sort of revenge. We believe it was some sort of murder. It makes us think this because there is also a ghost of a tall man in a top hat and and a re-lined suit coat of the age of around 20. When she died also buried right next to him and on her stone it read wife of the said person. But she was only eleven so how could she be married to a 20 year old man? We have a theory maybe this was some plot to obtain money or an arranged marriage. This all took place in the 1850s, so our next theory would be she murdered him and then killed herself because she could not bear it.

There have been stories of moved headstones. I suspect a spirit of great strength or of anger. One of the most famous is the case of Eliza Howe. Her stone tipped over to lean on her husband’s, captain William Burgess, a heavy cigar smoker and that’s why there is a heavy layer of cigar smoke sometimes drifting around the place especially around the deformed tree in the shape of a nose right in the center of the graveyard. No one knows what caused the strange deformation.

Me and my close friends go there and research. Our most mysterious was on 6/6/06, June 6 of 06 and we saw a shadowy figure stalking about and then we heard an uproar of some sort. There was no plane helicopter or automobile in sight. It was all so very strange. Many people don’t believe us.

Then there’s the three mausoleums one at the opening in which none can enter and its all tarnished and rusty. The second on the far left from the center, this one was carved into a hill. The door shows no damage even though people have shot at it with pellet guns and attempted to smash the locks and trust me I’ve tried. It looks as if it’s made of wood but its metal and very strong at that. Atop it there is a hole. I dropped 3 rocks down, 2 hit the floor, but one sounded as if it were caught. The last was new and it held some rich guy.

My friend’s camera phone picked up some bizarre pictures. One was blank another was of the top hatted ghost and the last was of a giant spectral eye. Later on we found a muddy boot print next to the deformed tree. Then we smelled heavy cigar smoke a sign that the captain was near."

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There are comments posted on the site where this tale originally appeared, telling of other instances where people smelled the sea captain's cigar smoke. Spooky!

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