Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Great Review from Night Owl Reviews!

Melinda from the Night Owl Reviewer staff just gave me 4.75 out of 5 stars in her review! That's one star arm short of a perfect review... !! (author caveat: If only she'd gotten my name right in the actual review...the info on Night Owl is correct, but her blurb is not.)

And I quote:

Jillian is troubled and confused. She thought she married the perfect man yet after three children she feels lost and alone. In the beginning things were great with Kyle but something has changed. She never told him about her secret power, a power that lately she feels she needs to feel complete. When her grandmother gets in an accident she knows it is time to face her past. Her granny always told her that she has a special gift that cannot be ignored. Yet because of her parents she had to give it up to try to lead a normal life. Her grandmother needs her but there are secrets and shadows that hover near her family. She is unsure what to do. She must deal with things that hurt her and find out if her mother is really a murderer.

There is so much to say about this beautiful book yet I can’t give too much away. This is one that you will just have to read and enjoy for yourself. Kate Sullivan did a remarkable job in this tale of second chances, special gifts and a chance for new beginnings. The magical powers Jillian has is a gift that for some reason she gave up on. I loved that even though a tragedy is occurring there is a bond that can never be broken. This is definitely a great book that I highly recommend. This is one that the magic and the family really work together well.

I was feeling down about my writing as a "career" today, and found this notice in my inbox. Makes me feel so much better about the book... and my life! Thank you, Night Owl!

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