Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Puppy Has an Un-Birthday

My Puppy is officially 5 months old. She's the size of my black Lab already, and probably weighs a bit more (since the Lab is now 15 years old and has no muscle tone left.)

To celebrate, I took her and the Big Dog for an early morning romp on the beach, complete with a swim in the ocean. She had a blast. She now smells of salt water and fun at the beach, scents I'll need to wash out with shampoo before my parents visit later in the week.

My husband has accused me of taking these photographs at such an angle as to make Puppy look bigger than she really is. In the interest of fairness, I sat her next to Big Dog for a few comparison shots. Our 4-year-old is a Shepherd/Swiss Mountain Dog mixed breed. She's about a hundred pounds in weight, and while the above photo makes the two dogs look similar in size, you can see below that Puppy has a ways to go.

Which is okay by me. I'd be really scared if they were already the same size, with Puppy not even half a year old. But - even though Puppy is definitely smaller, compare the sizes of their paws. Puppy's paws don't just look bigger because they are white. They are bigger. Much bigger.
The photo session wore her out, and Puppy crashed, exhausted by her "un-birthday" celebration. You know what they say - when they sleep is when they grow.

She's growing.

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