Thursday, June 17, 2010

Puppy Steals a Friend

Puppy is generally a good dog... well, except for that hardcover book over the weekend, but other than that she's been really good about not taking things that aren't hers.

Except for Bitty Bear.

My daughter's American Girl doll sits on her own bed in my daughter's bedroom, with her mini-version of American Girl magazine, and her teddy bear. Luckily, Puppy has no interest in chewing up the expensive doll. But she covets the teddy bear...

She's stolen it quite a number of times... just to play with. Whenever the bedroom door is open, she makes a beeline to the doll bed, and "borrows" the teddy bear. Okay, steals.

Granted, the teddy's fur is a little stiff now from all the love it's received over the last few weeks. But as you can see, it's limbs are all still intact. Puppy just likes to play with it.

I'm tempted to let her have the teddy. After all, they are awfully cute together. But... that might set a bad precedent. As in, steal what you want and it'll be yours.

Who knows what she might decide to steal next?


  1. That is so cute! It's like her little friend...

  2. She's so gentle with it, it's amazing to watch. Not a tear, as I said. Just a lot of drool...


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