Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puppy Keeps Growing

Puppies are like children in so many ways. Number One on my list is that they keep growing up. Like kids, they have their good days and bad days, their ups and downs. They make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

My oldest child graduates from 8th grade this week. My youngest child has her Moving Up ceremony today to celebrate leaving the elementary school and entering middle school. I no longer have any kids in elementary school and I'm almost the mom of a real-life high schooler.


They all keep on growing up.

This first photo of Puppy was taken in March, two days after she came into our lives. That's my kitchen stool she's hiding under. She loved to hide under things to feel safe from those other bigger dogs and kids. At least until she got more familiar with everyone...

By the time April rolled around, she no longer fit under my desk at my feet and barely fit under the stool. Although that didn't stop her from trying.
She's come a long way in both temperament and maturity since then. Heck, she'll be all of five months old on Sunday. She's still sweet and usually pretty mellow - although if you've read this blog, you've heard about a few of our learning experiences... teddies, books, coffee tables... oh, I didn't mention the coffee table? It'll be fine once I sand it all back down...

I'm hoping Puppy keeps on being mellow and keeps on learning the Right Thing To Do. Because she's still growing. And she's still very much a Puppy.

This is the same kitchen stool.
I repeat, Puppy will be five months old on Sunday.

I'm thinking we should have named her Clifford the Big Red Dog. Except that she's a girl, and she's not Red.

But she's Big.


  1. Great! Keep the photos and stories coming!

  2. Honestly Katie, Puppy is growing into a real roadblock! So cute and I love these stories.


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