Friday, August 23, 2013

Puppy Tale Friday: One Hundred Sunrises

It's official. Since the start of our house rennovation project at the beginning of May, Puppy and I have watched 100 sunrises from our beach during our morning walk. This takes into account the days we've been off-Cape and the two days it was raining too hard to go to the beach.

One hundred sunrises.

Some mornings it's been too cloudy to see the sun. Some mornings we've slept a little later and the sun has already crested the horizon on its upward ascent.

But most mornings she and I watch the new day break together. Some days we have company - just yesterday, someone's houseguest was on the beach when we got there, big camera in hand waiting for the red sun to rise up. Most days, our company is in the form of sandpipers, sea gulls, terns, and the great blue heron who moved into the neighborhood just this summer.
It's been interesting comparing sunrises, seeing if the old maxim about "Red Sun in Morning, Sailors Take Warning" rings true (which it mostly does -- orange skies herald the best beach days.)

One hundred sunrises. I'm not going to post all hundred, but a few of my favorites for you to share in the beauty that is Cape Cod at dawn. Have a great weekend - and maybe catch a sunrise or two yourself!


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