Thursday, August 8, 2013

Puppy Tales: Down on the (Organic) Farm

My sister owns an organic farm in Northern Vermont, where she grows all kinds of wonderful veggies, herbs, blueberries and flowers. She sells to local restaurants, at local farmers' markets, and through the Deep Root Coop, an organic collective that ships to supermarkets like Whole Foods.

It's a long drive from Cape Cod, but we try to get up there to visit once or twice a year and she tries to get to the Cape once or twice a year. We love visiting her farm in the summertime.
 This year we even planned to help harvest blueberries, but our helping time was limited by rain that was sweeping through New England. We managed to pick several containers full in between storms.

Even my dad got into it and helped pick berries...

Puppy's favorite part of the farm - besides hanging out with her cousin Louie - is the swimming hole.
Our newest addition, Zoe, wasn't too sure about the rushing river. She watched for a long while before venturing down onto the rocks.

 Zoe inched closer, watching from atop different rocks until she was right at the edge. And then she took the leap!
We all cheered, and then watched her try to swim against the current - or swim at all as the rushing water swept her clear across the swimming hole to the line of rocks across the river... where she was finally able to grab hold with her nails and scrabble out of the water to safety.
(She stayed on the edge just watching after that, but was all like, yeah, I already did that. I swam. Been there, done that.)

Puppy, however, couldn't get enough and just enjoyed her spot in the deep water.

 ...And then Puppy found her new favorite spot. 
 Happy Puppy.


  1. Great pups shots. And I am HUGE fan of organic farming.

    1. The only problem with organic farms I see is the weeds, which keep my sister feeling constantly behind the 8 ball... but on the other hand, I had no qualms about letting the kids and dogs run all around and sniff and eat berries straight from the plants - which was such a great feeling. And her berries are SOOOO much better than the ones I buy at the supermarket. NO comparison in taste.

  2. Puppy tales, love it! That brought a smile to my face. Vermont looks lush.

    1. Although we drove through some places in NH that seemed dry, upstate Vermont has had a lot of rain this summer and everything was super green! Such a treat!


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