Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution #1: Writing Wednesday

So, in an attempt to get my life more organized, I'm working on putting this blog into a more predictable order. Some kind of schedule I can cleave to amidst the chaos of being the mother to three teens and two overgrown puppies who act like toddlers.

So... Wednesdays are going to be focused on Writing. This is a broad topic in my life, so I'm pretty confident I can stick with this as a weekly blog headline. I'm also going to try to focus my actual Wednesdays on writing, too. not so much today maybe, even though it's obviously a Wednesday. Today I need to get a handle on putting the holidays away...

Today's blog topic, however, will focus on writing - and one important aspect of Writing is Reading.

Reading good books helps a writer improve their own writing. Not by copying, but by being inspired. (Reading bad books can help too, but that's a topic for a whole different blog post!)

The two best books I read in the last month have been ONCE UPON A RIVER, by Bonnie Jo Campbell and THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern. Both hit the bestseller lists early on. Both books have been on my TBR list for ages. And I resisted cracking either of them open. I don't know why. But I read them both in December and recommend them with my whole heart. Two very very different books, but each achingly beautiful in its own way. If you like romances with an odd touch of paranormal, you need to read THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Campbell's book has not a hint of paranormal or sci fi, but is full of cold, stark reality, in all its beautiful and horrible glory.

The YA series I've been obsessed with for the last month is the I AM NUMBER FOUR series by Pitacus Lore, which is not a real author name although I read that James Frey is one of two writers behind the series. I've read all 3 books and all 3 novellas in the series, the last one in hardcover since it only came out in August 2012. I have to admit I don't like all of the writing, but I love the way the story is put together, and the way it flows from one scene to the next, especially the action sequences. When I was in Mexico I read the second book on the beach in a day, and then re-read it again the next day. These are definitely paranormal and sci fi, with alien teens from another planet hiding on earth from other aliens bent on destroying their race. Lots of action. Fun reading. Totally recommend if you're into this type of book.

Okay, so what have you been reading? I'm always looking for a good recommendation, or something new to review. In fact, I should probably post "real" reviews for all 6 of these books on Goodreads. Maybe I'll get to that today, too. After I finish vacuuming the pine needles!

And be sure to leave a comment and tell me what to read next!