Friday, January 25, 2013

Puppy Tales: In Which Puppy Grows Up

It seems like just yesterday that Puppy was a mere puffball, hiding underneath things and falling asleep in the oddest places.
The mere act of drinking from the water dish was enough to wear her out.

 She loved to curl up between our feet, under our desks, anywhere to be close to us... a complete lap-puppy. And she's still a lap dog, of sorts.... she just doesn't fit in anyone's lap anymore, now that she's 150 pounds of Puppy goodness. And she still bounces when she romps, although she doesn't get quite as much lift from her ears anymore...
Puppy turns three this weekend. Three years of Puppy fun, Puppy bounces and Puppy mischief. hard to believe it's been a whole three years, but also hard to remember a time without her in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Puppy!