Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolution #3: Puppy Tale Fridays

So, I've noticed that over the last 2 years, posts that include or talk about the Big Drooly Puppy who runs my life (or tries her best to) are often the most popular. Not always - I've had a few guest authors who've generated a whole lot of buzz - but most consistently.

I get it. She's cuter than me. She's got personality. And she's just a funny story waiting to happen.

(And she's currently whining at me in dulcet tones, saying, "Beach? Time for the beach? Get off the computer already!!!")

Okay, so my goal is to feature a Puppy Tale each Friday. It may not always be Puppy's own story - she does have some funny friends and cousins we can also visit, and books with doggy protagonists we can discuss... but if you're looking for a good dog story and a smile, stop by on Fridays. Puppy will be here.

And now I need to get my walking shoes on before the whining goes on any longer. (There's only so much whining a person can take...and Puppy knows that...)

Have a great weekend!