Thursday, June 13, 2013

SON OF A MERMAID in the News!

SON OF A MERMAID and I are featured in this week's HARWICH ORACLE, my local hometown paper here on Cape Cod. I'm very excited about the color shout-out on the front cover! Not so excited about the photo of yours truly (is my forehead really THAT big? Argh!)

But reporter Jamie Balliet obviously read the book - or at least sections of the book - as he references parts that haven't been excerpted. And he gives shout outs in the article to bloggers at and, who hosted stops along my Splash Into Summer tour.

And he gives a sidebar shout out to my upcoming book signings - this Saturday at BEACH COTTAGE LIVING in Harwich Port and next Thursday at THE LITTLE BEACH GALLERY in Hyannis.

Also in the realm of excitement yesterday, my neighbor who owns the *Real* Windmill House (the one I use as Hailey Thompson's home in the novel) stopped by yesterday and gave me a framed pen and ink drawing of her home, a copy of one done by an artist years ago. I was so touched!

So when you're reading SON OF A MERMAID, this is Hailey's house. It sits on the edge of Windmill Point and her bedroom is in the windmill portion. That window you see dead center under the X of the windmill paddles is the one that looks out onto the Herring River (you can see a bit of the reflection in the river water in the foreground.) This is how the house would look if you were sitting on the river dock, fishing with Shea and Kae. Or swimming in the river. The ocean is behind the house from this angle.

My neighbor has taken me up through the windmill, and the circular stairs do indeed lead to rooms. She had her bedroom up there as a child, and the bed is still there. What looks like a breezeway connecting the windmill to the main house is actually enclosed living space, with those big windows to showcase the views. Pretty cool, right? Right!
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  1. A lovely drawing (I like sketches like that) and good to know the research that went into your novel.

    Congrats on the news coverage - that's always a good thing! You look fine, like you've been hunting for mer-men. Have fun with the signings.

    1. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by. But no, the photo is bad. I was discussing it with the folks at the post office who started with, "nice article" and agreed it was an "unfortunate photo." Oh well! It's still a great article!


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