Friday, October 3, 2014

Freaky Friday! A ghost story from Nancy Hooowwwl-and Walker

I met Nancy the first day of freshman year, and we've stayed friends ever since, even becoming roommates for a few years when we were both living in the Boston area. After a stint at WFXT, Fox-Boston, and a stretch with ImprovBoston, Nancy moved out to Chicago, where she developed Musical! The Musical and led her own improv group: Chicago Improv Associates. I edited her first book, INSTANT SONGWRITING, released in 2012.

These days, she and her husband Marshall spend most of their time seeing the world, teaching improv and leading workshops on cruise ships! What a cool life!

Nancy first shared her spooky tale on this blog back in 2009, at the time my first book was being published ~ UNFOLDING THE SHADOWS is a paranormal romance from Ellora's Cave with a psychic heroine (available now on Amazon for 99 cents!) Here's Nancy's tale for Freaky Friday:
* ~ * ~ * ~ *
As I was growing up, my family spent the summers in a very old house (around 200 years old) in Nantucket. Because of the age, its design was odd by today's standards. I slept on the second floor at the top of the stairs; my parents' bedroom was kitty-corner from mine, and my little brother's room was in between the two. Because you could only get to his room through mine or my parents room, my brother moved to another available bedroom as soon as he could swing it.

I remember one time being woken from a deep sleep by someone rushing through my room to get into that middle room. It wasn't the footsteps which woke me up, but a huge bustling noise, as if a great deal of fabric was involved. I knew none of my brothers could make that sort of noise, but I sat up and looked into the dark middle room (I usually kept that door open for some reason) and called out. No one answered - the entire household was still asleep.

Another night as I was just about falling asleep, I sensed someone standing over me. I was lying on my back with my eyes shut, and I knew the person was right next to my head.

Whoever - whatever - was exuding an intensely malevolent energy. I was terrified and couldn't move, much less open my eyes. I could only repeat to myself, "Just pretend to be asleep, just pretend to be asleep!"

Without looking, I knew the person was bending closer to me - his or her face was right next to mine.

Then... I felt a finger touching my face, slightly under my mouth at my jawbone. I knew it wasn't the fleshy part of the finger, but felt like a cold, sharp fingernail. Slowly - very slowly - it moved up my face along my jawbone to up near my eye, and stayed there for a few more moments.

I was so scared.

Suddenly, the pressure from the finger was gone, as was the malevolent feeling. I opened my eyes and the room was dark. The house was silent.


Nancy's book can be found on Amazon ~ although there aren't any ghost stories included, just an excellent primer on writing music and songs on the fly, improv style. It's a great resource for budding songwriters and comedians alike.

About the Book (from Amazon):
Instant Songwriting is the ultimate how-to book for musical improvisers and an excellent resource for songwriters. With over two decades of musical improv experience, Nancy Howland Walker guides you with clear, logical and fun step-by-step exercises, from the very basics of putting a song together, to highly advanced song techniques. Whether you are new to the art form or experienced, your songs are improvised or written, or you do this for fun or profit, Instant Songwriting helps you take your song skills to the next level. Musical tracks are included for each exercise – to accompany you as you practice and master each step along the way. Now go and become the Songwriting Diva you were meant to be!

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