Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Writing Wednesday: Writing versus the Day Job

I know there are lots of us who have this same problem. Not just authors but all kinds of creative people who also have to tend kids, older parents, volunteer commitments, and .... a day job.

I left my editing job at CapeWomenOnline magazine two years ago, retaining my column but focusing more on editing, writing, sending my oldest off to college, helping my dying mother and then my grieving father...

...and now I have a new day job. And two books coming out this summer, a third scheduled for release in December (that I still need to finish), another scheduled for release in January (which is thankfully done), and a new contract just signed last month for a new romantic suspense (haven't gotten the first round of edits yet.)

AND a dad who needs help packing up his house for his move South with his new fiance. AND two kids with busy summer jobs and lead roles in the local summer production of Beauty and the Beast. Plus everything else being a wife, mom and homeowner entails. 

Ummm.... how do people do this? This is a level of crazy I'm not sure I can sustain.

AND... to top it all off.... I just found out I have to wear PAJAMAS to the evening library book event at the Marstons Mills library next Thursday. Really? Really? No one wants to see me in my ratty old mommy PJs. Need to go buy something ELSE for sure. And maybe some new slippers while I'm at it.

Help! Any advice is welcome ;-)

(AND if you're on Cape Cod next week, COME VISIT one of my release day events with 9 other crazy YA authors and give me a hug! I need it!)

(This is the Pajama Event!)

(This is a non-pajama event)


  1. UMM, CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL THE PUBLISHING!!!!! That's fantastic!!!! Hope the new day job goes well. And I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. I lost mine two years ago and it still hurts. But again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    1. Thanks, Libby! Maybe I had to rant because I can't call mom to complain and have her put it all in perspective for me. You're right, the publishing success should make me happy! And it does! But I feel like I'm treading water in a hurricane at the moment... Thanks for stopping by and for the good. Wishes!!


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