Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Book Review: A Chance for Sunny Skies, by Eryn Scott

A Chance for Sunny Skies, by Eryn Scott
Published July 2015 by Kristopherson Press

About the Book:
Sunny Skies is drowning. The problem, besides the whole not-being-able-to-breathe part, is that when her life flashes before her eyes, she doesn’t recognize any of it. Convinced the universe phoned in a default slideshow, Sunny gives in to the current.

After a fisherman snags the twenty-six year old in his net, she decides it's time to cast off her hermit like ways. When she meets slightly-less-awkward-than-her Brian, an archery-loving neat freak, she discovers that living her new life might be scarier than drowning. But scary or not, this may be the only chance for Sunny Skies.
My Take:
First I have to say how much I love the cover! Bright, cheery, simple, it drew me to the book. I also love the title - at least, before I knew it was talking literally about the main character...

A cross between women's fictional and chic lit, the story follows the improbably named title character Sunny Skies as she overcomes her debilitating social anxieties and learns to live life. Told in self deprecating first person POV, the book begins with Sunny almost drowning in the ocean and realizing how completely empty her life is. Rescued inadvertently by a random fisherman, she vows to make changes.

The book follows her on her journey of self help and self discovery, as she learns to make friends, stand up for herself and even find love. Her social awkwardness makes even normal situations funny with Sunny's snarky self-loathing and doubt. While the writing isn't perfect, the story is engaging and doesn't follow a straight predictable line. I enjoyed the author's fresh voice, and Sunny's pull-no-punches commentaries.

A fun read for a rainy day, but not the top of my recommendation list.

Grab your copy on AMAZON.

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