Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Writing Wednesday: Exponential Reach

I have a new book out! Have you heard about it?

Okay, so if you read my blog you probably know. If you friended me on Facebook you probably know... but the really cool thing about social media is the whole friends-of-friends thing. QUINN'S RESOLUTION released Tuesday 2/26, a standalone book that's part of a larger series and I think it might be my best book so far.
How do people hear about new books?

There's word of mouth - a friend tells you about a new book they've read. One-to-one reach.

There's social word of mouth - a friend posts about a new book they've read. And the circle widens to include all of their friends, not just the one who came over for coffee that morning.

Several writing friends featured my new book on their blogs when it first released a month ago, widening the circle more, because blog readers aren't necessarily "friends" but might be followers, fellow writers, etc.

The more friends you have the greater your exponential reach.

And that's without paying for it. Add money to the equation - buying ads, paying for blog tours where your book will be featured on blogs of people you don't know and read by more people you have no clue about- and the circle of your potential reach to potential readers widens even more.

How much is enough? How much before your message is muted by over-saturation? Is that even a worry? Or should I just stop worrying about it and scream from the rooftops to anyone and everyone about my new book?

These days an author has to work to get a new release noticed in the crowded market. Take every advantage of friends with blogs, as well as asking people to retweet and facebook-share. Luckily, authors in general are a sharing, caring bunch - happy to share and retweet in exchange for you doing the same for their new books.

But do our author friends read our books? I know I do, but how about you? When was the last time you read and reviewed a friend's book?

More important question is how do we reach READERS and not simply other authors?

This seems to be the underlying question of the moment. At least for me it is.

So tell me. What's the one most effective thing you think you do for promotion? Just one.

And thanks for sharing.

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