Sunday, April 1, 2012

The A to Z Blogfest Begins!

The Letter A

Today's A is to introduce you all to April's Blogfest, where hundreds and hundreds of bloggers who didn't win the MassMillions most recent jackpot will be slogging Away at their computers, cursing the lottery gods And blogging by the Alphabet, All starting with the Letter A today, April 1st.

A is for April, A is for All of us poor schmoes who didn't win, A is for the A to Z Blogfest (Although, Arguably, the Blogfest also covers the letter B... but that's for Another day...)

The A to Z blogfest is A great way to meet fellow bloggers and visit lots of new blogs As well As old Aquaintences. I made lots of new blogger friends during last year's fest and discovered some wonderful new spots to visit... use the link in the left column to go to the main A to Z page where there's a complete list of participants. My goal is to visit As many As possible each day, and then post links to A few favs At the bottom of my post.

When I originally signed up, I had this great idea for my posts to be All About Puppy's Alphabet... but As I was cutting out this paper A for Puppy to hold (and ultimately eat), I remembered a time fifteen years Ago, when I cut out An entire Alphabet from construction paper for my son's room. I made a border All Around the ceiling with giant letters in primary colors.... And we left them up there until both he and then his little brother knew All their ABC's, and one day told me that the Alphabet on their walls looked too babyish for big boys like them (All of 8 and 6 At the time)... And so I got out A stepladder, And took down the faded construction paper Alphabet letter by letter, proud they no longer needed it And sad At the same time.

Who knew so many memories could be stirred up by A bit of construction paper?