Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A to Z blogfest: The Letter P

The Letter P

So of course in Puppy's alphabet, P has to stand for Puppy. My Puppy. Even though she turned two at the end of January, she still thinks and acts like a Puppy so much of the time.

But two years ago, she was a mere handful of fur...
Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

Her favorite Puppy Place was to curl up at my feet under my desk as I wrote on the computer. At her current size, her head alone fits there, but back then she was the Perfect foot warmer...

Of course, now her favorite Puppy Place is the beach. Our beach or any beach on Cape Cod. Or any beach in Plymouth when we go to visit Grandma. This Picture was taken at Nauset Light Beach, in Eastham. Doesn't she look like she Belongs there?

Do you have a Puppy or a Kitty? What's their Perfect Place, the Place they love to be? At your feet or in the ocean? Or both?