Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z Blogfest: The Letter H

The Letter H

In Puppy's alphabet, H could stand for Hallway - she always seems to be lying in the middle of one and blocking the way. But, it also stands for another of her favorite things...
Horseshoe Crabs.

Last year for A to Z, I posted a fun blog (I thought it was fun) about Puppy's love of Horseshoe Crabs... which I've pasted below, in case you missed it the first time around.
* * *
Consider the Humble Horseshoe crab. A creature that's pretty much pre-Historic, any way you want to measure it. None of which matters in the least to my Puppy. She just likes to play with them...

She finds a "good one" along the beach (but believe me, they're all the same) and then teases the other dogs with it... running away, dropping it in the water, scooping it back out, tossing it in the air... you'd think it was a piece of steak the way she guards and Hoards it!

(see the other dog looking at it? and the way Puppy grabs it, protectively?)

She tries to bring them all the way Home, but we tell her the same thing we tell the kids. "Beach things stay at the beach." Except, of course, for sea glass. (that always comes Home.)

Do you have any Horseshoe crab stories to share? Ever seen a Horseshoe crab up close? Ever find one under your dog's bed? Share!