Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#FREE #Kindle - MY KIND OF CRAZY on sale this week!

Who likes FREE BOOKS?

I do, I do!
How about YOU?

Grab your #FREE Kindle edition of MY KIND OF CRAZY this week on AMAZON.
For a Limited Time only: May 27 though May 31

Go! Quick! Download it TODAY!
After all... it's

I'm visiting a few other blogs this week, talking about MY KIND OF CRAZY
and the fact that it's FREE!

My fellow "Roses" from The Wild Rose Press are a wonderful bunch of authors! Supportive and generous, I'm so glad to have landed in this publishing "Garden."

 Find me at Christine Elaine Black's blog
Christine writes hot, historical fiction - sizzling Romans to make you swoon, really!
Find me at Louise Lyndon's blog
Louise lives in Australia and writes historical fiction for The Wild Rose Press
Find me at Karen Blake Hall's blog
Karen writes sizzling romantic suspense, also for The Wild Rose Press

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