Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to the Holidays: Time to Send Cards!

Who invented the tradition of sending holiday cards to friends and loved ones during the busiest time of the year??? It was a man, right? A man whose wife was tasked with sending them all out before the end of the season...

The number of "holiday traditions" that need to be kept up with can be daunting... and yet, I usually love sitting down to write out cards, to think about old friends and neighbors whom I may not have seen over the last year or so.

I love getting holiday cards in the mail, and seeing how their kids have grown. I even cut out some of the pics and tape them into my address book with the year jotted next to it, to remind me what's going on in their lives. The smiling faces greet me as I flip through the address book and write out the envelopes.

My favorite card so far this year is from my husband's cousin, from her wedding. We were there, so I know that right after her new husband dipped her and kissed her (the great photo on the card) they both tumbled over into a heap on the lawn! A great and fun memory - especially since there were no grass stains on the dress afterward!

I'll admit there's too much going on in my life at the moment, and while I usually write more personal notes and get it together to add a short holiday letter.... most people are just getting a photo card this year. But I'm still ahead of the curve and getting them in the mail before the 10th - my personal deadline each year. I don't know why, but it's a number I can remember and stick to. Most years.

But at least my tree is now fully decorated...

How about you? Do you have a long list of cards to write out? Do you send photo cards of the kids and pets, or traditional boxed cards? Or do you wait and send "Happy New Year" cards, like some members of my family have decided makes more sense?

Excuse me, I have to go finish a few more cards.... now where did I put those stamps...

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  1. Argh!!! I was hoping to beat you this year in getting my cards out! You have already started and mine just arrived today! Looking forward to seeing how your kids have grown as well!


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