Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Puppy's First Christmas

It was Puppy's first Christmas, and I'm not sure what it was she expected out of the holiday. She certainly picked up on the excitement and confusion in the house - the fresh tree right in the middle of the living room, all the wrapping paper and gifts and bows and oodles of tape to sniff and play with...

Puppy went and met Santa on Christmas Eve. There was a fundraiser at a local vet's office with and lots of pets there to see the Big Guy. Puppy was a little skittish, and the rest of the people in the waiting room were making fun of her until I told them all that she's a PUPPY. She actually just turned 11-months-old this week. She's just a BIG BABY. They cut her some slack after that.

Except the parrot, who kept making fun of her. Puppy was a bit freaked out by the parrot.

Although she got a nice new fleece pull toy (that she immediately un-braided) and a nice new Ginormous Beef Bone (that now lives in the backyard as it stinks like death)... Puppy wasn't prepared for all the "waiting" that goes into a Holiday. Waiting in line to meet Santa. Waiting for Santa to come with the presents on Christmas Eve. Waiting for the kids to wake up in the morning. Waiting for the kids to open said presents.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
More waiting.
And then there were all the photographs my husband likes to take on Christmas morning. Puppy almost fell asleep while waiting for him to finish snapping all the shots.

Waiting. More waiting.

And then the poor thing wasn't even invited to my mother-in-law's house for the day. We had a neighbor stop over to let the dogs out early in the afternoon to romp a bit in the backyard. But most of her day was spent chewing her new stinky bone in the kitchen and waiting for us to get home.
Puppy's real fun with the holidays started the day after Christmas. When we were all home all day, and had plenty of time to play, and walk in the snow, and feed her treats.

Puppy's thoughts on meeting Santa? She didn't say.

Puppy's thoughts on Christmas itself? Bah, humbug!

Puppy's thoughts on Christmas vacation week? Fun Fun Fun! Two paws way up!


  1. Big puppy!

    My daughter is dying for a dog. Maybe in a couple of years she'll break me down.

    Have a happy new year!

  2. I love big cuddly puppies. What fun. I know you are....


  3. Puppy looks so adorable on Santa's lap! Hard to believe that dog isn't even a year old yet.

    Hope you're planning a big Birthday party for that dog!


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