Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Reading

Just need to share this wonderfully sweet Christmas romance with everyone!

SWEET INSPIRATION should be on everyone's Christmas reading list! I know Penny Watson from the New England Romance Writer's Association - she published this story last year, about one of Santa's (hot, sexy) sons finding true love. Her second Klaus brothers tale is coming soon (with another sexy torso on the cover, too!)

This book won first place in a 2008 romance contest, and since Wild Rose Press published it last year it's gotten rave reviews. It's also ON SALE for a mere $3 right now at the publisher's website - why not pop over there and download it for a fun, quirky Christmas story that'll shake off your stress and get you in the holiday mood? It's also ON SALE at for your Kindle, Mom. Check it out - fast read and cute story!

In other writing news, I participated in a group book signing with 20 other local Cape Cod authors yesterday, held at the Cape Cod Cultural Center in Yarmouth. I was selling and signing copies of my paperback, PERFECT STRANGERS, and had such fun chatting with other authors and having friends stop in to buy my book!

I shared a table with Marie Sherman, who I'd only known via email prior to yesterday. Marie was an officer of the court until her recent retirement, and has been a Justice of the Peace for many years (she still performs the occasional wedding.) Her book, SAY I DO, is a collection of short stories, about the many weddings she's performed over the years. CapeWomenOnline ran an excerpt from her book in the Spring 2010 issue. Not available as an ebook, you'll need to find it on-Cape at many local bookstores and retailers. Fun gift for the bride-to-be.

Also at the book signing was another romantic suspense author, Pamela Loewy, who lives just over the bridge in Plymouth. It's fun to meet new authors, and Pam was really nice to chat with. Like Penny Watson, Pam also writes for The Wild Rose Press.

Her book, SAVING JEMMA, is available as a paperback and an ebook. I just downloaded it to my Nook today, so I'll have to read it and review it for you all soon... but I absolutely LOVE her cover art! Snowy cabin nestled in the woods - looks like another good book to curl up with under the Christmas tree lights!

So what's on your reading list this Holiday Season? Are you choosing Christmas-themed stories, or avoiding them like the plague? I'm embracing the season - so far, at least!

Happy Holiday Reading!


  1. Katie....thanks for recommending my holiday story. You are the best! I hope you are enjoying the holiday festivities. We just put up our xmas tree yesterday! :)

  2. We bought and put ours up on Sunday - decorating it, though, is a whole 'nother story!


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