Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Decorations & Memories

One of my favorite Holiday Decorations is getting out the Christmas photos from years past - my kids sitting on Santa's lap when they were young, pictures of my sisters and myself when we were young, my husband and his siblings, the dogs going to visit Santa Paws for the Animal Shelter's fundraiser...

My favorite old photo was given to me as a gift one year at Christmas. It's a sepia tone 8x10 of my very own Great Grandfather William A. Oliver playing Santa Claus in 1934, during the Depression.

Aunt Kate wrote on the back of the frame that it was taken at Weaver's Department Store in New Jersey. She didn't mention why Santa had a big ol' riding whip in his hand - is that for the reindeer or the naughty children?

These kids don't look so much naughty as sad, even in the presence of the Big Man in Red. One or two are managing a smile. Despite the somber faces, it's one of my favorite Christmas things. A connection to the past that shows even when the going is rough, we manage to go on with our lives and help others.

What are some of your favorite Christmas images?


  1. I've got a good photo of Me with Santa. Red and green plaid wool skirt and red and green striped top...some combination-just because the clothes were red and green didn't mean it was an outfit! I standing at his knee, with a wide-eyed fearful expression. I keep saying I'm going to reprint it for our Christmas card one year...I'm going to make sure you get one for next year to add to your collection!

  2. Vicki- That would be awesome! Looking forward to it - and Happy Holidays! Hugs--Katie

  3. Geez those kids do look down! What a neat picture to have though! This is a neat tradition. I really like it. Might have to start taking Christmas pictures just for it!

  4. Reminder: Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest on Monday! Jen and I can't wait for your entry!

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