Monday, July 14, 2008

Much Ado about Not Blogging

Cape Cod Weather today: overcast, with the sun trying to peak out from the clouds, but the air is quite humid and still. The forecast calls for thunderstorms, but not sure about that...

Lying in bed this morning, I contemplated deleting this entire blog out of existence. I created it on a whim, but haven't been able to fulfill my plan of writing a little each day, creating a record of my writing life. Hell, I can hardly find the time to write, let alone blog.

How do other people keep up with it all?

With the kids out of school, and busy with sailing, and swimming lessons, and drama classes, and basketball camp, and guitar lessons and band practice... yes, I really do only have 3 kids... there feels like so little time for me left in the week, let alone each day.


I perused a fellow NEC writer's blog this morning, and realized she only had 12 posts for the year so far, and was in much the same position as me for the moment - not keeping up with the kids out of school - so I took a deep breath and relaxed about it all. Now granted, she has a book coming out in September and has been guest blogging and writing other things to promote her new book... but I think I'll stick with my little blog for a little longer.