Friday, February 26, 2021

New Book on the Horizon for Spring: BATTLING BENJAMIN


I'm excited to announce that the HOT HUNKS STEAMY ROMANCE crew is at it again - this time with a new series of ENEMIES TO LOVERS stories. If this is your trope, we've got a great lineup of stories for you! 

Here's the scoop on my story:

Elizabeth Watson loves her job. No, really. She enjoys being a realtor, helping people find their forever homes in the community she grew up in and cares about. When her family’s business is purchased by a larger corporation she expects change. What she doesn’t expect is the cocky, entitled heir-apparent taking over her life.

Benjamin Harrington is devastatingly handsome, with a sexy smirk and a sharp wit. He’s also the most self-absorbed, arrogant man she’s ever met, who hasn’t worked a day in his charmed life. Personalities clash and sparks fly every time she’s near him. He doesn’t deserve to be her new boss.

Despite her best efforts, he invades her every thought… and dream. But what is it she wants? His job…or just him?

A look. A judgment. A string of words. Bitter rivals and sworn enemies have been around since the beginning of time. But make no mistake, once the spark is ignited and the fuse is lit, the fine line between love and hate will go up in flames. So stand back or cross over, but be prepared to strap in for the ride.

Seven USA Today and bestselling authors are bringing you the next in the line of Hot Hunks: Enemies to Lovers.

Natalie Ann- USA Today Bestselling Author- Challenging Colt
Suzanne Jenkins- USA Today Bestselling Author- Desiring Dylan
Jen Talty- USA Today Bestselling Author- Tempting Tavor
Angela Stevens- Bestselling Author- Forgiving Flynn
Katie O’Sullivan- Bestselling Author- Battling Benjamin
Stephanie Morris- USA Bestselling Author- Enticing Eason
Alicia Street- USA Bestselling Author- Taming Tristan


 All seven stories are available now for pre-order, and at 99 cents each we've got you covered for spring reading! Grab BENJAMIN or grab them ALL and get ready for some steamy romance!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cape Cod Chronicle ran a story about lil ol' me this week!


When I was in downtown Chatham doing some last minute Christmas shopping a few months back, I ran into another local Cape author. She told me she follows me on Instagram (mostly for the puppy pics) and congratulated me on my new release, GHOST IN THE MACHINE.

She asked if I'd sent it out to the local papers to review.

I told her I hadn't. It had been so long since I actually had a paperback to send out, that I totally forgot to send them. But with her reminder, I did just that.

The Cape Cod Times ran my cover and blurb in January, with a roundup of local author new books for a cold winter's night. But bestselling author and Chatham resident Bernard Cornwall also had a new book out, so he got the majority of the page space. Hey, on the bright side, I'm on the same book recommendation as Bernard Cornwall!

A reporter from the Cape Cod Chronicle contacted me via email and asked a few questions and for photos. She said she was reading and reviewing my book. The article appeared in the paper this week, but it's mostly about me and not the book. Still publicity. Still cool to see my name in the paper.

And a good reminder to do the legwork, send the media packets, and make the effort. You never know what will make the difference.

You can read it for yourself - if you're not local to grab a copy of the paper, you're still in luck. Even the little local Cape Cod newspapers are online these days. . .

Link to Newspaper article Here:

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Got Candy Hearts? Grab Some Now!


With Valentine's Day on the horizon, the stores are filled with heart shaped treats of the sugar and chocolate varieties. Why not add a few to your ereader as well?

BE MY HERO is a 6-story bundle of Valentine stories by 6 different artists - like a box of truffles each with a different flavor, each satisfying in its own way. Each story is named after a certain heart shaped candy saying but that's where the similarities end. At $5.99, that's less than a dollar a story...

So what are you waiting for? Grab a set today on AMAZON

About the Book:

3 Wishes by Peggy Jaeger
Valentine’s Day is Chloe San Valentino’s birthday. Her birthday wish list for the perfect man: he’d fall in love with her in a heartbeat, he’d be someone who cares about people, and he’d have one blue eye and one green eye, just like her. So far, Chloe’s fantasy man hasn’t materialized, but this year for her big 3-0 birthday, she just might get her three wishes.

Say Yes by Katie O'Sullivan
Darby Malone has trouble saying no. Hosting a children’s Valentine party at her recently renovated gallery is the last straw, and the last time she intends to say yes to anything. That is, until she meets Ben.
Ben Phillips’ life has been empty since his wife died, his paintings the only thing giving him solace. Can he convince Darby to give him a chance – and to consider him for more than just a place on her gallery walls? Will she give him a place in her heart as well?

You & Me by Stephanie Kepke
Forty-year-old Alex Spencer has given up on love. Her life revolves around her daughter, sixteen-year-old Josie, even if Josie wants nothing to do with her.
But with Valentine’s Day looming, Alex’s former high school sweetheart, Billy Leibowitz, has been invading her thoughts. Now Candy Hearts are arriving in the mail. Is Billy sending the Candy Hearts? Will this finally be her chance at happily ever after?

One Kiss by Misty Simon
The last place Lorena Weber wants to be on Valentine's Day is a singles party. She'll give it an hour —two, tops. But she didn't plan on seeing the one man who had turned her world on its side New Year's Eve.
Caleb Manning got coerced into attending this ridiculous party by a co-worker. His plan was to stay for an hour. That was until he recognized Lorena across the room and had to see if that one kiss was only New Year's Eve magic or something more.

Dare Me by Debra Druzy
For wedding stylist Misty Morningside, mixing business with pleasure is a professional no-no. That is, until she runs into wedding photographer Adam Wright at a Valentine’s Day event. Dare they set aside business for one night of pleasure?

Ask Me by Laura Strickland
Leo Rankin attends the library’s Blind Date With a Book and finds himself competing for the last remaining book. Wild child Gerri Webb is not his usual type. Yet he feels an immediate, sizzling attraction and agrees to share the book and its accompanying bag of candy hearts.
The whole idea of a Blind Date With a Book is to go off genre, so Gerri doesn’t mind when their flirty conversation suggests they unwrap each other rather than the mystery book. When a candy heart advises, “Ask Me,” she asks Leo back to her apartment. She never expects button-down Leo to hit all her buttons. Can one night spent off genre translate to real life?

Chill Out by Jana Richards
Renata Cabral needs to hide for the weekend. Her cousin’s Valentine’s Day wedding means she’ll face embarrassing questions from her large, extended family, questions she’s not ready to answer. So, she invents a work-related excuse and escapes to a friend’s lakeside cottage.
Noah Brownlee is ready to mend his broken relationship with his brother. When a friend offers the use of his lakeside cottage, Noah arrives in the middle of a blizzard with his English Mastiff, only to find the place is already occupied by a woman with big brown eyes and quirky sense of humor.
As the blizzard rages, can the candy hearts predict love?

Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Book Review: Cold Cruel Kiss by Toni Anderson


About the Book:

When the daughter of the US Ambassador to Argentina is kidnapped in broad daylight on Christmas Eve, the FBI sends one of its best negotiators to investigate.

Supervisory Special Agent Max Hawthorne arrives at an embassy thrown into chaos as US and local law enforcement hustle to track the young woman. Is this a simple kidnap for ransom, or part of a political agenda? Could it be something more sinister?

Lucy Aston has something to hide. Preferring to stay in the shadows, the lowly, fashion-challenged office assistant resents being assigned to help Max. But Max can’t resist a puzzle…he’s starting to suspect Lucy Aston is not what she seems.

When rumors emerge of a suspected Russian spy operating out of the embassy, Lucy’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble. As she and Max race to rescue the ambassador’s daughter, Lucy has to do whatever it takes to keep her cover from being blown—even if that means betraying the man she’s falling for.



Toni Anderson has done it again! Another brilliant home run of a romantic suspense novel in the fascinating series, which itself is a spinoff of her previous awesome series. The best part with all of these stories? They're all stand-alone books, each and every one. You can try any one - or read them all. The intertwined characters add a depth to reader enjoyment, but the lack of knowledge has few consequences because Anderson is a master of focusing on the story at hand, and dragging the reader along for the wild ride.

Cold Cruel Kiss released last week, and is technically Book 4 of her Cold Justice-Crossfire series, each focused on a member of the FBI's hostage negotiating team. Like the previous books, we've met the FBI negogitator before in a secondary role but haven't yet encountered the love interest. In this story, the hostage negotiator is Max Hawthorne, a British ex-pat and former soldier who happened to be on Christmas holiday in South America with a few of his old British special forces buddies when the kidnapping occurred in Argentina. The 17-year old daughter of the U.S. ambassador was taken off the streets, and the motives are unclear - is it politics or greed at work? Or some mix of both?

Anderson sets her usual fast pace, and the reader can almost feel the clock ticking down. Chapters are narrated in third person from varying points of view, including both main characters and both kidnapped girls as their situation becomes more desperate. The identities and true motives of the kidnappers are kept secret to the very end - at least, I had no clue who was behind it all. Masterful storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing what's around each corner.

If you haven't read a Toni Anderson novel, you're in luck because between the two series, there are now 14 of these FBI romantic suspense novels already available to binge on. Strap yourself in for a wild ride!

Grab a copy of COLD CRUEL KISS now on Amazon