Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My son's band played at the Cape Cod Mall over the weekend.

I used to go to shows. I used to date guys in bands. I went to Dead shows all over the East Coast and survived "festival seating" at a Pete Townsend concert in Brixton... and saw the Who's first and third "farewell" tours. Yellowman played on my college campus.

And now my 10 year old is in a rock band.

I don't know whether to feel old or pumped. One of the mom's from my Brownie troop went to see the Cure over the weekend, and said she and her husband went to the concert with the same couple they last went to see the Cure with - 25 years ago. I bought the Cure's greatest hits for my 12 year old this past Christmas.

What music do we listen to now? In the Minivan? Snow Patrol, Counting Crows, Entrain, Wilco, the Shins, the Spongebob soundtrack, Nickelback, James Blunt, Jack Johnson, John Legend...
and the Cure. The kids don't so much like the Who, and it makes me feel old to listen to it, oddly enough. But in the summer we still break out the Dead and Bob Marley.

What do other moms listen to - especially those who eschew American Idol.... ? Lemme know.

I need some new CDs in my minivan.


  1. I had my 3 year old listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers - altho' it was only one song over and over and over.....have to be careful of some of the lyrics from that group. Then I got her hooked on the Beatles Love album from the Las Vegas show. Now that she's 5 we're listening to the Eagles latest album. I can happily say I have NEVER had to listen to Barnie or anything like that! :)

  2. No Barney is a very good thing. Although I kinda like some of those Wiggles tunes... remind me of They Might Be Giants...


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