Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Cape Cod Weather today: Beautiful!!! Sunny, blue skies, very low humidity (there is always Some humidity this close to the Ocean) First rays of sun already sparkling on the clear pool water outside my writing window... teasing me...

Summer is finally in the homestretch... the "dog days," as my father used to say, though he never explained the phrase to me properly. The dogs seem just as happy now as in July.

The kids however are another story...

My oldest finally admitted this week as we were driving past his school, "You know? I kinda miss that place." There was an element of shock in his voice even as he spoke the words.

"What is it you think you miss?" I asked.

After a pause of consideration, he answered, "I miss my friends, I guess." Now, he's seen a bunch of his best-est school friend this summer at basketball camp, hung out with the neighbors XBoxing on many of the myriad rainy days, and made a nice group of new guy friends in the sailing program. Even befriended a cute girl or two along the way.

I think he just misses the familiarity... the daily routine... even the learning he claims to despise.

I know I do.

The "dog days of summer" must be when the novelty of summer vacation has worn off its shiny exterior, leaving a dull feeling of "been there, done that" left sticking to the roof of your mouth. Because how can you knock summer vacation? So you laze around like a dog, whining at your mother that there is nothing fun to do.

I know I'm ready for school to start!

But not before we go to Vermont next week to visit my little sister's farm. The kids and dog and I had so much fun last summer, that my husband is actually going to brave a 6 hour car ride with the kids to join us for the long weekend. I hope the trip doesn't disappoint, and does something to relieve the ennui that has set in amongst the children.

But I'm still ready for Back-to-School shopping!

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