Monday, November 10, 2008

Writing and Procrastination

Cape Cod Weather Today: Sunny, slightly breezy, blue skies with wispy white clouds floating by my window view. Not cold, but not as warm as yesterday, which felt like Spring! Good day to rake leaves...

Procrastination is one of the tools in the writer's toolbox.

No, really. It's not merely a way to avoid writing. It's a way to let your thoughts percolate, reforming into more coherent sentences and ideas, reformatting the outline which your story is based upon... as I was raking this mornig, I was trying to work out a plot line for my hero's escape from the evil Prince...

Oh, who am I kidding? Procrastination is the bane of my writing life, albeit a large part of my day. I should be writing right now, working on my latest novel. But I'm blogging instead!

I should have been writing all morning, but instead I had to grocery shop, and rake leaves, and make a few trips to the dump, and do laundry...okay, these are all things that need doing. Maybe those are legitimate procrastination tools.

How about Facebook? Legit networking tool, or evil time-sucker? Hard to say....

Okay. Enough procrastination. Time to go free the hero from the dungeon...

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  1. LOL!! Great post. :)

    I actually believe that procrastination is a real tool in a writer's toolbox, because those ideas do need to percolate every now and then. But I've renamed my procrastination tool to "taking a break." Sounds better that way. :)


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