Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowman Day

 We finally got our first snowstorm on Cape Cod this weekend. My daughter has been waiting all year to make a snowman, since somehow she never made one at all last year. I've been hearing about her plans for months.

She spent hours outside during the storm yesterday, rolling up the balls, but couldn't lift them by herself. I told her we'd help her when it stopped snowing. Which was this morning.

This snowman reminds me of a time back in the 19070s, when we had a huge storm, and all the kids in the neighborhood worked together to build an eight foot tall snowman. We measured. Eight feet and five inches tall. We had to use a ladder to put the face on, too. My oldest son, hugging the snowman on the right, is 6'1", so my daughter's snowman rivals the one in my memory...

What's your favorite snowman memory?


  1. I miss the fun my kids used to have in the snow, sledding, snowball wars, forts and of course, snow men. Now they argued about shoveling.
    Great snowman.

  2. Fantastic snowman! I can see it from my deck :) We never had snow like this when I was growing up in England. Lovely to look at but I'm back in my pj's for the rest of the day...working on the Winter issue of CWO ;)

  3. Dad, Jack, Diane and I made one before the addition was on the house in Closter. About as tall as Dad, 5'10 or so....I was about 12, Jack 8, Diane 4...guess Dad did most of the work! Love the sideways view! Teagan's Christmas Card for next year!


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