Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dog Party, a big Dog Party

So sorry I've been negligent with the blogging lately. There's just too much going on around the house and with the kids' activities... and now we're having a Dog Party through the first week of April. So there are no quiet moments in my house.
We have a few extra dogs staying with us for a few weeks while their owners are away. And everyone has decided that my daughter's bed is THE place to be. Luckily, the Big Puppy decided it was too crowded for her to join, or the Pug might have gotten smooshed. Or my daughter, for that matter.

Which is good, as it allows me to work at the computer for an hour at a time while they all nap. It's almost like having babies in the house again, the way someone is always needing something. But then you look at how cute they are, and how could you get mad at that face?

Hope everyone's having a restful weekend.

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