Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks...

Today is traditionally the biggest travel day of the year, and Puppy can't wait to get on the road. She's going to have to battle my daughter for her seat - both of them claim the same seat in the minivan as "exclusive" - Puppy has more weight to throw around but my daughter has been known to throw elbows. We'll see who wins. As long as Puppy stays away from the apple pie and the basket of chocolate we have for the hostess, we'll all be fine...

Actually, Puppy and her sister are convinced they're being left behind with the house sitter. But this year, they've been invited to join us for Thanksgiving at their cousin Louie's insistence.
Puppy has never been to visit Louie's house - hopefully she behaves herself and the cousins don't get into too much mischief. But I'm thankful that we can all be together for the holiday, whether or not there's an "emergency" bath involved.

For all of you traveling this week - be safe out there! And for all of you hosting holiday feasts and holiday guests - take a deep breath. Remember why you're busy cleaning house and preparing food, and be thankful for your abundance of friends and family. Because that's what this holiday is all about. Giving thanks.

And if you're thinking about skipping out on dessert to get a good place in line at some super store that plans to open Thanksgiving night, or skip the football game so you can wake up before dawn to shop the Black Friday sales...don't. Relax, and enjoy this holiday first - the only one with NO gifts involved or expected. Saturday is early enough to start shopping for the next holiday.

Remember to give thanks for all you have, and be grateful for each of those people around your table.

I'm grateful for all the blog and Facebook friends I've made over the last few years, and for your words of encouragement and support. I'm thankful for the opportunity my new publisher is giving me to break into the world of YA with my mermaid tale, and for having found such a wonderful, supportive environment with the authors of Crescent Moon Press. I'm grateful for both my immediate and extended family, and that everyone is now relatively healthy - illness in the family is so hard on everyone it touches. And I'm grateful for my three wonderful children - five if you include the dogs - who bring joy to my life every day, even when they're making me crazy.

Now, tell us something you're grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving, Katie.

    I'm thankful for my writing friends who understand the ups and downs of writing. And I'm thankful for a very supportive family, even if they don't always get it. They're there for me regardless.

  2. A happy Thanksgiving to you, Katie. I am grateful to be going nowhere, as is Euba, the Cairn of the house.


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