Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: PROMISE MADE, by Mitzi Pool Bridges

Promise Made, by Mitzi PoolBridges
(The Callahan series, Book 4)
Published 2014 by The Wild Rose Press
About the Book (from Goodreads):
Five years after leaving Sheriff Dugan Callahan at the altar, defense attorney Kate Maroney is back in Oaktree, Texas. Her boss has proposed, and she's come home to figure out what to do. When her grandmother falls and Kate stays on to care for her, Kate starts accepting clients, hoping to keep her mind off of the fiery attraction she still feels for Dugan. 
Dugan wants to know: What is Kate running from now? And why does she fight the obvious feelings between them? Kate's agreement to represent a battered woman's murder case pits them against each other even more.
After the biggest trial in memory, half the town is rooting for them to get back together, while the other half would rather see Kate return to Austin and leave their sheriff alone. 
Who is right? Who is wrong? Will Kate run again, or will love win out in the end?

Kaitlyn Maroney fled Oaktree, Texas five years ago, leaving Dugan Callahan standing alone at the alter on their wedding day. She's back in town to visit her grandmother,  running away from another marriage proposal, trying to figure out what it is that she's so afraid of. In every other way, she's a strong, competent woman who can stand on her own and doesn't need a man. But does she still need that macho cowboy, Dugan? Her heart isn't sure.

Five years ago, Dugan's heart was torn in two when Kate didn't show up on their wedding day. Now he's the sheriff of Oaktree and about to propose to a nice, sweet woman and settle down. So what's up with the roller coaster of emotions caused by Kate's arrival in town?

This is a sweet Western-flavored romance about two people who fell in love too young and got overwhelmed by the emotions. They're both older now, with more life experience under their belts, but still struggling with past hurts and how to get passed their past. Throw in a murder trial that keeps forcing them to spend time together and soon the passions are flaring. 

The author shows us both points of view, both Kate's and Dugan's, so the reader knows that both of them are confused about their own feelings as well as wondering what's in the other persons head, while the townsfolk take wagers on whether there will be wedding bells or more heartache. This is a fun, fast read and a sweet romance with a strong, feisty heroine and a cowboy. 

This is the fourth book about the Callahan brothers of Texas, but I hadn't read any of the other books...yet. This one can definitely stand alone. I've  never been a fan of cowboy romances, but after finding Dugan a truly swoon-worthy hero, I might have to try a few more.
The Kindle version is on sale now for $2.99 (bonus!) 

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  1. This story sounds like fun considering she involves the town's people, divided over the couple. And, I've always loved cowboys. I'll start with one, but I may be interested in the whole series. Thanks for your opinion.


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