Friday, July 7, 2017

Saturday Book Signing at Whydah Pirate Museum, West Yarmouth 10-12pm

I'll be visiting the Whydah Pirate Museum tomorrow, the home of the only authentic pirate ship ever recovered from the bottom of the ocean. It's a fascinating place for all ages, and right on Route 28 in West Yarmouth, on Cape Cod.

Barry Clifford has recovered so much pirate treasure, from the deck canons (that you can touch!) to real gold coins and jewelry! There's so much to read and learn about the life of pirates, as well as learning about treasure hunters themselves. In the "back room" you can see the recovery process each item goes through. Really cool stuff!

While Deception isn't available for purchase just yet, I may be reading from the manuscript, handing out postcards and answering questions about all things mermaid! If you're on Cape Cod for the weekend, add a trip to this museum to your to-do list.

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