Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Feature: Candy Hearts and Valentines

Everyone has a memory of Valentine candy hearts. Grammar school valentine card exchanges, with heart shaped lollipops and little boxes of these sugar bombs. Candy hearts aren't anyone's "favorite" candy... in fact, you probably forget that they even exist for eleven months out of every year.

But then February rolls around, and you can't seem to get away from them.

When I first heard that The Wild Rose Press was planning a series with the candy hearts at the theme, the candies weren't even on shelves yet. To submit, you had to have an actual candy saying and the back-of-book blurb for your story for consideration. To look through possible sayings, I trolled Google images.

SAY YES sounds like it should be a wedding story, but it's not. I didn't want to go for the obvious. It's a second-chance-at-romance story, the kind I totally favor to read and write. Set on Cape Cod during a snowy winter, a painter is trying to reinvent his career after the death of his wife changed his perspective on the world. A new gallery owner is looking to mend fences with her family and avoid the mistakes she's made in the past by dating tortured artists.

And now it's available as part of a box set, with 6 other stories in the second-chance-romance vein.

 So who needs a box of sugar bombs, when you can have a virtual sugar fest, right? Fewer calories and cavities - and a whole lot more satisfying all around.

Grab SAY YES on AMAZON for $1.99 - or grab the box set for only $5.99.

And Happy Valentine's Day!

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